Success Stories


Shea Homes embraced the 7 Habits® and made the principles a part of their operating system. By implementing the 7 Habits the company was able to increase their defect-free rate in new homes from 13% to 90%. In this video you’ll see how they used the 7 Habits, especially Habit 4: Think Win-Win®.

“7 Habits has changed the culture of the organization by making us stewards to the people that we work with and the people that we build homes for.”
– Ken Peterson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Shea Homes


Centiro used 7 Habits as a framework to help create a common language to enable the company to scale and grow the company. By using this framework Centiro achieved a 103% net income increase in the past three years and was rated one of the top three companies to work for in Europe. Watch this video to see the power of an effective culture and the critical role a leader plays.

“You can’t stand on the beach and be swimming at the same time.”
– Niklas Hedin, CEO, Centiro


You find out the strength of a culture when things are going well—but even more so when things don’t go as expected… See how Western Digital not only overcame a natural disaster but increased their gross margins from 20% to 30% and claimed the number one position in their market.

“If everyone has the 7 Habits in their heart and mind, everything will become synchronized, we will work as a team, and achieve success. I am confident in that.”
– Pornthip Limpanich, Director, Manufacturing, Western Digital.


Before implementing 7 Habits Minera Del Norte was reducing costs but their clients wanted even greater production which resulted in conflict in the organization and accidents. With the 7 Habits at the base of their business philosophy they were able to change their paradigms and positively impact their results. This Latin American mining company, tripled production, increased employee safety and standards, and still reduced company costs.

“The language of the 7 Habits helped us get out of a culture of selfishness and move to a culture of teamwork.”
– Joel de Luna, Manager of Operations, Minera Del Norte.


Birchwood Automotive Group has not only successfully sustained being the leading Winnipeg auto retailer for 50 years but also grew sales volume double the industry average. Watch how 7 Habits is modeled in Birchwood’s organization from the top down with common language and the 7 Habits framework.

“It’s in perfect alignment with how to choose to conduct business, how we choose to treat our team members, how we choose to treat our customers.”
– Richard Neill, Vice President, Human Resources, Birchwood Automotive Group.

The City of Henderson, Nevada

The City of Henderson’s mission is to be America’s premier community. By implementing the 7 Habits inside their city they have been able use the habits as a way to better communicate with city employees and residents. The city has been ranked in the top 100 Best Places to Live (Money Magazine) and ranked in the top 10 as one of the Safest Cities of America (Law Street Media).

“The City of Henderson adopted the 7 Habits as a foundational course. Because the one thing that we focus on is that we must always improve.”
– William P. Howlett, Manager, Training and Performance, Henderson City.

78 pt Mary Kay logo

Paul Mak, the President of Mary Kay China said, “For about 12 years, Mary Kay has had an excellent business culture. We had had a very good belief system, but the question was, how could we better implement that belief system.” The 7 Habits was that platform they needed to effectively change the people and the culture within their organization.

“The training doesn’t stop within the company. I hope to influence the personal lives of our employees as well.”
– Paul Mak, President, Greater China, Mary Kay China.